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Peter and Eva Pre-Wedding Shoot



It's Here

After a while our new website and blog is now live.  So this blog will no longer be in use, which is kind of sad as it's been good to us.  Anyway, the end of one ting means the beginning of something new... you can get to our new blog here.  Look forward to seeing you there. 



City Weddings

Alicia and Julian's Wedding

This post is a bit of a first for us.  Not going to say what it is... see if you can work it out. Won't be too hard if you follow our work.

We'd photographed Alicia's sister, Amanda when she married Jimmy last year.  So it was a really wonderful to be able to recognise lots of people as well as meeting Julian's family all of whom made us feel welcome. Their wedding day was hectic, as wedding days tend to be when they get going and there was lots to photograph - here's some of our favourites from their day. You can see more if you click here or on the image below.





Amanda & Jimmy's Saga Album

We always say we're all about the album. We don't believe that a DVD is a family heirloom to pass down generations. To me, there's something about an album design that give pictures context. I think it makes you feel like you're there. When I looked at Amanda & Jimmy's album, I remembered their whole day. My sincere hope is that it will do the same for them for years and years to come.

Here is a little video I put together from pictures of their album to show some of these features. These albums are built to last! Plus they are custom designed by myself in coordination with the wedding clients to really reflect the couple and tell the story of the day. Amanda had the idea to put the names of the main player of the wedding day on the flap of the dust jacket which I thought was fantastic and makes it even more of a family heirloom.



Welcome to the world Peyton!

I had the priviledge of photographing 2-week-old Peyton this week, cousin of Madin who is now 4 months old! Time flies when babies are involved. Had a great time with the shoot, Peyton made it easy. Here is one of my favourite shots. To see more photos, click here.