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Cobble Beach is a Great Place for a Wedding 

Great Wedding Venues in Georgian Bay - part 1

In our first article about where to get married in Georgian Bay we look at one of our favourite locations to be married Cobble Beach Golf Links. 

Cobble Beach is  beautiful place for a wedding.  Located a few miles north of Owen Sound on the shores of Georgian Bay it is one of the places to get married in that part of the world and for good reason.

Cobble Beach Golf Links is a course that has won a number of awards from Golf Digest, Travel + Leisure Golf, Ontario Golf, Fairways and SCOREGolf, which is a pretty good indication of its pedigree. That said, one of the many things we love about this venue is that even though it is a golf course, weddings are not seen as an inconvenience to be endured as they are at so many golf venues. When we are there for a wedding it’s about the wedding and not the golf. 

In basement of the club house there is great spa which provides all the necessary facilities for beautification that brides and bridesmaids may need. It also has 10 rooms which are well appointed and have some of the most comfortable beds we have ever slept in. Actually funny story. After the first time we stayed at Cobble Beach when it came time to buy a new bed, we got the same bed! And yes we have a problem some mornings getting up. More importantly though this means that the bride and groom, immediate family and the wedding party can stay at the venue. It’s always lovely when you don’t have to travel too far to find your bed after a hard day of getting married. 

Another benefit well worth mentioning if you choose Cobble Beach as your destination for your wedding is the all-weather nature of the venue. On fine sunny days the ceremony is held at the back of the club house with a spectacular view over Georgian Bay. Then if your are faced with rain then there is a light and airy marque that that can accommodate everyone. Not quite the same we realise, especially for photographs but it’s always comforting to know there  are options.

As a venue for photography Cobble Beach is a fantastic location.  From the rooms where people get ready with big windows and plenty of natural light, to the location for the ceremony, to being able to shoot at several spots around the course, to the club house and the inclement weather options that it provides, Cobble Beach really does provide us as photographers lots of opportunities to make great images.

The dining room will accommodate up to 120 people with a further 160 in the attached marque if need be.  We’ve shot at Cobble Beach several times over the last five years and their food and service has always been consistently fabulous.  The only thing that is not perfect, unless you use the attached marque for the after dinner entertainment, is that fact that the dance floor has to be cleared of tables before the party can start.  It's not a big issue and indeed it's sometimes nice to have a breather between dinner and the party but it is worth mentioning. 

This year, 2012, there will be a new event coordinator at Cobble Beach since Kari Griffiths who was there before has relocated with her family to a more southerly Ontarian location. That said if her replacement is half as good as Kari was you will be in excellent hands.

Finally it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most compact venues we shoot at.  There is no need to factor in travel time as you normally do when getting married. The longest distance you may travel is in a golf cart to the lighthouse which is a 3 minute ride. This means more time for photography as well as more time to mingle with your guests.  It’s a win win. 

All our weddings here have been memorable and over the last 5 years we have shot almost 100 weddings so it says a lot of the place that Cobble Beach remains one of our favorite venues.  For more information about Cobble Beach as a wedding venue you can head over to their website or email them directly at mywedding@cobblebeach.com

On a hot summers night having the attached marque as the party destination is a great idea

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Wow, this place really looks promising - I like the idea of having specific parts of the venue depending on the weather. I will recommend this to a friend who is planning to get married within the year. By the way, I love the last image, simply breathtaking.

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